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CEJ Launches ‘Climate Advocacy, Action’ in Five Zambian Districts

The Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) has initiated a project titled “Strengthening Civil Society Voices for Climate Advocacy in Zambia.” The project, funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), has been launched across five districts: Lusaka, Chirundu, Luangwa, Chongwe, and Rufunsa.

Maggie Mapalo Mwape, Executive Director of CEJ, outlined the project’s objectives, emphasizing its transformative nature and the intention to empower Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to take a lead role in advocating for climate action and environmental sustainability in Zambia.

Following a Stakeholders Mapping Exercise to mark the launch, Mwape expressed CEJ’s commitment to collaborate closely with local authorities and stakeholders. Speaking from Luangwa, she announced that the launch would subsequently take place in the remaining districts, namely Rufunsa, Chongwe, Chirundu, and Lusaka.

Mwape emphasized the pivotal role that diverse stakeholders, including the Civil Society movement, play in the success of Zambia’s National Adaptation Planning (NAP) processes and the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). She stated that CEJ’s initiative aimed to build the capacity of CSOs in climate adaptation and the execution of nationally determined contributions.

Luke Chikani, the District Commissioner of Luangwa, affirmed the government’s support for CEJ’s efforts. Chikani pledged governmental assistance to enable the expedition to empower Civil Society Organizations effectively in advocating for climate change mitigation and adaptation issues.

The launch of the “Strengthening Civil Society Voices for Climate Advocacy in Zambia” project marks a significant step towards harnessing the collective efforts of CSOs to address climate challenges and promote sustainable practices across the country. As the project unfolds, its impact on fostering environmental stewardship and advocacy for climate action remains paramount.

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