FRA Addresses Grain Bag Shortages, Encourages Continued Maize Deliveries

In response to concerns over shortages of empty grain bags in satellite depots nationwide, the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) announced the acquisition of 20 million empty grain bags for the packaging of Grade A white maize this crop marketing season. These bags are estimated to accommodate up to 1 million metric tonnes of maize.

The FRA admitted to initial hurdles in distributing the bags. Unexpected high purchase volumes in certain depots, differing from projections based on anticipated production, led to redistribution efforts. Additionally, some delays originated from pre-delivery technical checks on the manufactured bags.

The agency assures the public that these issues have been resolved. Farmers across the country are urged to persist in supplying their white maize to FRA depots. The FRA guarantees that no farmer will be turned away, thanks to the new provisions. To further incentivize deliveries, the FRA has introduced accelerated payment methods to better serve farmers, ensuring they are equipped for the upcoming agricultural season and can meet household necessities.

Satellite Depot Clerks overseeing FRA depots are also reminded to promptly report any challenges to the Agency’s headquarters to facilitate swift action.

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