Forest Rangers Secure Victory in Charity Shield Clash: Zambian Breweries Celebrates Champions

The atmosphere at Ndola’s Levy Mwanawasa Stadium was electric as the anticipated Samuel ‘Zoom’ Ndlovu Charity Shield match, proudly powered by Zambian Breweries Plc’s iconic Carling Black Label, unfolded before an eager audience. The event marked a thrilling battle between two football powerhouses of Zambia: Power Dynamos, the Zambia Super League champions, and Forest Rangers, who emerged victorious as ABSA Cup champions.

In a historic triumph, Forest Rangers lifted the Carling Charity Shield Samuel ‘Zoom’ Ndlovu Charity Shield Cup, with the stadium erupting in celebration and excitement. The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) and Zambian Breweries jointly organized this monumental showdown, which showcased the pinnacle of Zambian football prowess.

Thelma Kaonga, Country Head of Marketing at Zambian Breweries, expressed her joy, saying, “It’s a delight to witness this intense clash between champions Power Dynamos and Forest Rangers. The match was brimming with action-packed moments on the field. This sponsorship is a way of honoring football champions and recognizing their dedication, excellence, and commitment to the sport, both on and off the field, while also giving back to the community.”

She added, “The Black Label Champion Beer isn’t just a beverage; it represents champions.”

Forest Rangers seized victory in the Carling Black Label Samuel ‘Zoom’ Ndlovu Charity Shield, securing a dominant 3-1 win over Power Dynamos at the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium. Thelma Kaonga, Head of Marketing at Zambian Breweries, along with Mike Hamwaba, Zambian Breweries District Manager – North, and FAZ President Andrew Kamanga, along with the FAZ executive, extended their heartfelt congratulations to the triumphant team. Additionally, the players and staff who participated were commended for their dedication.

Ms. Kaonga also highlighted Zambian Breweries’ broader commitment to football, disclosing the brewery’s sponsorship of the Zambia Premier League for the 2023-24 season with an impressive investment of K3.18 million Kwacha. The brewery’s dedication to football extends across all levels, from professional leagues to grassroots development, in order to foster growth and enhance the development of Zambian football programs.

The Carling Black Label-sponsored event, named in honor of esteemed football player and coach Samuel ‘Zoom’ Ndlovu, has cemented its place on the Zambian football calendar. Serving as both a prelude to the local football season and a platform for charitable fundraising, the game’s proceeds are channeled towards worthy causes.

The one-day spectacle was a display of skill and talent, fueled by enthusiastic fans who were given the unique opportunity to select the starting lineups for both competing teams.

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