Impression Media Affirms Compliance with Authorities Amidst Regulatory Concerns

Impression Media IPTV Ltd, a Malawian Over-The-Top (OTT) media distribution platform, issued a public statement addressing recent developments and concerns raised by the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA). The company emphasized its commitment to compliance with regulations and clarified its role in the digital content distribution landscape.

Impression Media responded to a press statement released by MACRA, which outlined regulatory concerns related to the company’s operations in the country. The statement acknowledged that Impression Media had fully complied with a court order and engaged relevant authorities to address the matter.

In the statement, Impression Media clarified its role as an OTT platform rather than a broadcaster, which was the focus of the allegations. OTT platforms deliver media content directly to viewers via the internet, bypassing traditional cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms. The company stated that it does not produce or broadcast content from its own studios, as it is not equipped with physical broadcasting facilities.

The company revealed its proactive approach to regulatory compliance. In early 2022, Impression Media had initiated communication with MACRA to inquire about the necessity of licensing for distributing digital content. MACRA provided licensing application forms, albeit with categories designed for broadcasters, not content distributors like Impression Media.

Impression Media continued engaging with MACRA, seeking clarity on how to proceed as an internet-based distribution company. The company further elaborated that MACRA advised them to apply for a broadcasting license while the regulatory framework for internet-based companies was being developed. In August 2022, Impression Media submitted licensing application forms, and they complied with subsequent requests for financial and technical information.

The company underlined its dedication to compliance and its commitment to serving a global audience. Impression Media assured its customers worldwide that despite ongoing regulatory discussions, its content remains accessible globally since its servers are not located in Malawi.

The statement also addressed the resurfacing of Impression Media’s adverts following the recent regulatory actions involving Multichoice. The situation reportedly prompted a resurgence of public attention to the platform’s offerings.

Impression Media expressed its gratitude for the support of its customers and the general public, reaffirming its commitment to diligently resolve the situation and comply with local and international regulations. The company pledged to keep the public updated on further developments as it continues its engagement with MACRA.

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