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CEJ Applauds Government’s Efforts in Transforming Chunga Landfill

The Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) has extended its commendation to the Zambian Government for its allocation of 33 Million Kwacha towards the comprehensive rehabilitation of the Chunga Landfill in Lusaka. This landfill, a critical solid waste disposal site, will undergo a transformation that also involves procuring essential equipment. CEJ’s Head of Research and Studies, Freeman Mubanga, hailed this development as a forward-thinking endeavor that reflects the government’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Mr. Mubanga emphasized that this allocation of funds not only signifies a pivotal step in responsible waste management but also sets an inspiring example for the nation. Located on the outskirts of Lusaka, the Chunga Landfill has been a longstanding concern due to its adverse impact on the environment and public health.

Over the years, the landfill has witnessed a buildup of waste, resulting in air and water pollution, and posing considerable health risks to nearby communities. However, Mr. Mubanga emphasized that the recent allocation of funds signifies a new chapter in waste management, focusing on the comprehensive transformation of the landfill into a more eco-friendly and sustainable site.

“This allocation of funds demonstrates the Zambian government’s proactive stance toward addressing environmental challenges. By investing in the rehabilitation of the Chunga Landfill and the acquisition of essential equipment, they are not only mitigating the adverse impacts on the environment but also enhancing the overall quality of life for the people of Zambia,” Mr. Mubanga emphasized.

The allocated funds are earmarked for a range of pivotal initiatives, including Landfill Rehabilitation. “These funds will facilitate the modernization and enhancement of waste containment systems, ensuring secure waste containment and minimizing the risk of contamination,” stated Mr. Mubanga.

He further highlighted that a portion of the funds would be directed towards procuring modern waste collection, sorting, and disposal equipment, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and diminishing the negative environmental impacts of waste.

To ensure comprehensive monitoring of air and water quality around the landfill, Mr. Mubanga outlined the necessity of implementing advanced monitoring systems. These systems would promptly detect and address potential environmental impacts.

Community engagement and awareness initiatives will also receive a share of the allocated funds. Mr. Mubanga highlighted the importance of fostering a sense of responsibility among citizens for proper waste disposal and environmental stewardship.

“As CEJ, we laud the government’s commitment to creating a healthier and more sustainable Zambia. We encourage ongoing collaboration between governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, and local communities to ensure the success of this initiative,” Mr. Mubanga affirmed.

In line with global efforts to reduce waste and promote sustainable development, Mr. Mubanga underscored that the government’s decision to invest in the rehabilitation of the Chunga Landfill aligns with international trends. He stated, “As countries worldwide grapple with the challenges of waste management, Zambia’s proactive approach sets an example for responsible environmental stewardship.”

CEJ remains steadfast in supporting and monitoring the progress of this initiative, ensuring its alignment with the vision of sustainable development.

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