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Maamba Collieries Limited Empowers Prince Muchimba with Custom-Made Motorised Wheelchair

The heartwarming tale of Prince Muchimba, a determined young man who refuses to let his physical limitations hinder his dreams, continues to inspire as Maamba Collieries Limited (MCL) takes yet another step in uplifting lives within the Maamba township.

Prince’s aspirations of leading an independent life and pursuing a career in accountancy have gained a powerful ally in MCL, which recognized his potential as early as 2016. What began as a partnership has since evolved into a familial bond, with MCL supporting Prince in his educational journey and considering him an integral part of their extended family.

Currently 25 years old and in his second year at ZCAS University, Prince is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Accounts. MCL’s unwavering support covers all his academic expenses, including tuition, accommodation, and a dedicated helper to assist him throughout his studies.

Prince first caught MCL’s attention during a 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility event where he delivered an exceptional vote of thanks. His eloquence and determination impressed the company’s management, prompting them to take an active role in helping him achieve his dreams.

According to Charity Namushi, Administration Manager for MCL, “Prince’s speech that day was nothing short of remarkable; his eloquence and heartfelt expression caught the attention of MCL management. We sensed and saw the determination in his eyes and immediately knew that he needed to be provided every opportunity to thrive and succeed.”

Since that momentous encounter, MCL has been steadfast in its support of Prince’s educational journey. In 2020, the company provided him with an off-the-shelf wheelchair, recognizing the importance of his mobility and independence. However, due to Prince’s specific health needs, it became evident that a custom-made motorised wheelchair was necessary.

On August 4th, in collaboration with Aspire Clinic, MCL presented Prince with his new custom-made motorised wheelchair, designed to cater to his unique requirements. Valued at K80,000 (approximately US$4,500), this state-of-the-art wheelchair is set to transform Prince’s life, enhancing his mobility and independence.

Prince expressed his gratitude, acknowledging how MCL’s ongoing support has transformed his life. “This wheelchair is a game-changer and I consider myself lucky; not everyone gets such an opportunity. MCL’s wish is to see me succeed and I will work hard to reach my full potential and be an example of how such support can empower individuals in society and make a positive impact.”

Mr. John Chinsunka, Student Welfare Officer at ZCAS University, also extended gratitude on behalf of the university community, recognizing MCL’s unwavering support for Prince’s dreams.

As Prince Muchimba continues to demonstrate resilience and determination, MCL reaffirms its commitment to support him in achieving his aspirations. The custom-made motorised wheelchair, tailored to his needs, symbolizes a new chapter in Prince’s journey, empowering him with mobility, independence, and the ability to navigate both college and daily life.

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