ZUNO Backs Ministry of Health’s Drive for Nurses and Midwives Promotions

The Zambia Union of Nurses Organisation (ZUNO), an influential body representing the dedicated nursing and midwifery workforce within the Ministry of Health, reaffirms its unwavering support for the Ministry’s efforts to facilitate promotions and elevate existing employees to vacant positions. With a proactive stance, ZUNO has been actively engaged in addressing administrative concerns stemming from the 2022/23 Collective Bargaining process with the Government.

Since the establishment of the 2023 Collective Agreement, ZUNO has been diligently leading discussions and fostering collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the Public Service Management Division (PSMD). Central to these engagements has been the resolve to address critical matters, prominently promotions and related administrative issues.

For ZUNO, the elevation of its members through promotions and strategic recruitments holds substantial importance. These individuals have consistently demonstrated steadfast dedication within the Ministry of Health. The organization commends the Ministry, led by the Honourable Minister, Sylvia Masebo, for pursuing a consultative approach by involving ZUNO and other stakeholders representing various cadres within the Ministry. This approach promises to streamline the recruitment of essential healthcare personnel.

At the core of ZUNO’s agenda is the establishment of fair and just promotion policies that champion meritocracy. The union aims to offer its members opportunities for career advancement, fostering an environment of recognition and reward for excellence. This approach is anticipated to not only boost morale and motivation among employees but also augment the overall efficiency of the Ministry in fulfilling its crucial mandate of delivering quality healthcare services to the populace.

ZUNO underscores its dedication to fostering an atmosphere of collaboration, mutual understanding, and constructive dialogue. The organization maintains its commitment to advocacy, eschewing protests in favor of resolving issues through proper channels. As a guiding light for nurses and midwives, ZUNO continues to be a steadfast advocate for their rights and interests.

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