In a recent release, the Zambian Police Department has unveiled the statistics of road traffic accidents that occurred during the Farmer’s Day holiday from August 4 to 7, 2023. The figures provide insight into the nation’s road safety during this festive period.

A total of 288 road traffic accidents were reported across the country during the designated holiday period. Out of these incidents, 08 were classified as fatal road traffic accidents, resulting in the tragic loss of 10 lives. Additionally, 25 accidents led to serious injuries affecting 50 individuals, while 63 accidents were labeled as slight injury incidents, causing minor injuries to 87 people. A majority of 192 incidents resulted in damage only, without casualties.

When compared to the same time frame in 2022, an increase of 08 accidents was noted, with 288 accidents recorded this year as opposed to 280 last year. The number of fatal accidents decreased significantly from 17 in 2022 to 08 this year, marking a decrease of 09. The reduction in fatal accidents translated to a decrease in the number of lives lost, with 10 persons dying this year compared to 20 in 2022. The number of serious accidents also saw a decline, going from 47 last year to 22 this year, with a corresponding decrease in the number of serious injuries from 73 to 50, reflecting a decrease of 23 casualties.

Lusaka Province led in road traffic accidents with a total of 160 reported incidents. Other provinces that recorded accidents include Central Province with 21, Copperbelt with 31, Eastern Province with 12, Southern Province with 30, Western with 7, and North Western, Machinga, and Northern provinces each registering 5 accidents.

In terms of financial implications, the Police Department revealed that a total amount of K505,910.00 was collected as admission of guilty fines in 2022, while this year, the figure has risen to K522,085.00, indicating an increase of K16,175.00.

These statistics highlight the importance of road safety measures during holidays and the need for continued efforts to reduce accidents and their consequences.

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