Israel and Zambia Collaborate on $100 Million Solar-Wind Energy Project

Israel’s Gigawatt Global and Gigawatt Wind are partnering in a groundbreaking renewable energy project to establish a power station in Zambia with a capacity to generate 71 megawatts of electricity. This unique initiative aims to harness both solar and wind energy, with each contributing half of the total power output.

The $100 million investment in the power station was finalized during Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema’s recent visit to Israel. The project’s realization marks the culmination of seven years of negotiations and efforts by the involved companies, and the president’s approval during his visit provided the crucial green light for the ambitious venture.

The collaboration between Gigawatt Global, a prominent figure in Israel’s renewable energy sector, and Gigawatt Wind, co-directed by American-Israeli businessman Ilan Goldstein, promises to be a significant boost to Zambia’s power infrastructure and economy. The power station is being constructed in Chibombo, a district in the Central Province of Zambia, and will be the first in Sub-Sahara Africa to combine wind and solar energy in one location, ensuring a continuous supply of renewable energy 24/7.

Yosef Abramowitz, president of Gigawatt Global, expressed enthusiasm about the project’s potential and its impact on Zambia’s economy and energy landscape. He emphasized that the hybrid plant solves the challenge of solar energy storage, as the wind picks up in the evening when solar energy production decreases, allowing for uninterrupted power supply.

This milestone investment is expected to create job opportunities, provide training, and contribute to Zambia’s prestige as a pioneer in renewable energy solutions. The plant will be operated under a 25-year power purchase agreement with the Zambian utility company, securing its long-term viability.

As Israel expands its relations with African countries, the project is a testament to the growing potential for bilateral partnerships. Gigawatt Global plans to replicate similar initiatives in other African nations, including those without existing diplomatic ties with Israel.

With its commitment to sustainable energy solutions, Gigawatt Global previously built the first grid-connected solar project in East Africa in Rwanda, and this latest venture in Zambia showcases Israel’s expertise and contribution to renewable energy developments in the region.

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