The Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education has published the results of the 2023 Primary Teacher Certificate of Education (PTCE) Examination.

To pass the Primary Teacher Certificate of Education (PTCE) Examination, a candidate must obtain passing grades in all seven subjects, including Teaching Practice.

Here are the key highlights of the results:

  1. Out of the 5,214 female candidates who sat for this examination, 99.11% have passed, representing a remarkable pass rate.
  2. Among the 2,909 male candidates who appeared for the examination, 99.22% have passed, demonstrating a high level of success.
  3. Overall, out of the 2,305 Special Needs Education (SNE) candidates who took the PTCE examination, 94.12% have passed, showcasing their dedication and determination.
  4. The top five Teacher Training Colleges, based on the percentage of candidates who achieved As and Bs in descending order, are Blantyre (61.63%), Mzimba (56.05%), and Dowa (50.97%).
  5. Conversely, the bottom five Teacher Training Colleges, based on the percentage of candidates with As and Bs in ascending order, are Machinga (21.46%), Lilongwe (33.54%), and Kasungu (33.58%).

All candidates can access their results at the respective colleges where they sat for the examination. Any queries regarding the results should be submitted in writing through the Principal of the college. MANEB will not entertain queries made directly to the Board by individual candidates or any other entity.

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