Zambia and Türkiye to Strengthen Trade and Investment Ties Through Business Forum

The Zambian Mission in Ankara is optimistic about the growth of trade and investment between Zambia and Türkiye, thanks to new business-to-business initiatives aimed at fostering interaction and collaboration.

Lt. Gen. Dr. William Maipambe Sikazwe (Rtd.), Zambia’s Ambassador to Türkiye, highlighted the immense potential for knowledge exchange in critical sectors such as agriculture, energy, construction, tourism, healthcare, and mining technology, as well as import and export activities. Dr. Sikazwe made these remarks while officially opening the Zambia-Türkiye Business Forum at the City Hotel in Ankara, hosted by the Industry and Trade Confederation (SANKON) to bolster exports and imports between the two countries.

The Forum, held both in-person and virtually, saw the participation of members from SANKON, Zambia Development Agency, Zambia Ministry of Energy, Agri-Smart Entrepreneurs of Zambia, and Diplomats from both nations.

Dr. Sikazwe underscored that President Hakainde Hichilema’s guidance and leadership have been instrumental in steering Zambia toward economic stabilization. As part of the country’s foreign policy, the Zambian Embassy in Ankara is actively working to promote trade and investment with Türkiye.

SANKON President, Mr. Freudum Cevahiroğlu, reiterated the organization’s commitment to strengthening ties with the Zambian business community to facilitate and promote trade and investment between the two countries.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Cevahiroğlu emphasized the significance of forums like the Zambia-Türkiye Business Forum, as they provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and critical information that supports decision-making among businesses.

SANKON is keen on enhancing bilateral economic relations between Zambia and Türkiye, with a strong emphasis on sharing knowledge and expertise with Zambian counterparts in various sectors, including IT, investment, and infrastructure development, such as the construction of airports, dams, highways, residences, energy projects, and mining enterprises.

The forum marks a positive step toward strengthening the economic cooperation between Zambia and Türkiye, providing opportunities for both nations to explore mutual benefits and further collaboration.

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