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Government Extends Support to Traders Affected by Chisokone Market Fire Incident

The Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Chushi Kasanda, MP, addressed the nation today on the devastating fire incident that occurred yesterday at Chisokone market in Kitwe District. The fire swept through the market, causing significant damage to property and leaving many hardworking traders in despair.

In her statement, Hon. Chushi Kasanda expressed the government’s deep sadness and sympathy over the unfortunate incident. She emphasized that within a short period, Chisokone market has been struck twice by fire, leading to untold suffering for the marketeers and their families.

The Chisokone market holds immense economic importance for the community in Kitwe, and the government stands in solidarity with the affected traders during this challenging time. Hon. Chushi Kasanda assured them that they are not alone and that the government is fully committed to supporting and assisting them in their time of need.

To address the immediate needs of the affected marketeers, the government will be working through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) and other relevant agencies to promptly assess the extent of the damage and provide necessary interventions for rebuilding businesses and lives.

In addition to the support for recovery, the government will collaborate with market authorities to implement stringent safety measures to mitigate the risk of similar incidents in the future. Hon. Chushi Kasanda urged all traders at the gutted market and across the country to exercise extra caution and adhere to strict safety protocols while conducting their trade.

The incident has served as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and adherence to safety measures to prevent such tragedies from happening again. The nation is called upon to remain united and extend assistance to rebuild and restore the vibrant spirit of Chisokone market.

As the government extends its support, it sends a message of hope and resilience to the affected marketeers, assuring them that together, the community will overcome this challenging period and rebuild stronger than before.

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