Unlocking Zambia’s Economic Potential: Agriculture Sector Holds the Key

The agriculture sector in Zambia has long been a vital source of food and raw materials. However, its potential to drive the nation’s economic growth has been largely underestimated. With the right policy guidelines and structural framework, the agriculture sector could revolutionize Zambia’s economic landscape, especially with a focus on massive productivity and strong political will.

Positioning agriculture at the center stage of economic development is crucial for Zambia’s progress. The sector has access to a ready market in the region, presenting an opportunity to fire up the country’s economic engines and strengthen its key fundamentals.

Despite its vast resources, including abundant land, raw materials, and a youthful labor force, Zambia has not fully capitalized on the potential of its agriculture sector. Currently, only around 18% of the country’s total land mass of approximately 42 million hectares is used for cultivation. This underutilization of resources calls for a strategic approach to boost agricultural output, especially considering the protracted case between Russia and Ukraine, which has disrupted farming inputs in the value chain.

To harness the potential of the agriculture sector, early distribution of farming inputs should be a priority. This would ensure higher production levels and stabilize prices for key commodities. Given the high demand for Zambian products in the regional market, enhancing production will not only address domestic needs but also create opportunities for exports.

In conclusion, it is time for Zambia to recognize the transformative power of the agriculture sector and take decisive action to unlock its economic potential. By prioritizing productivity, policy support, and timely distribution of farming inputs, the nation can drive its economic growth and become a significant player in the regional agricultural landscape. With the right approach, agriculture can truly become the special productive lever to drive Zambia’s prosperity.

Kelvin Chisanga

Kelvin Chisanga is a social economist.

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