The Ministry of Justice’s proposal to revise the conditions of service for lawyers has received approval from the Treasury. The decision comes as a significant development for lawyers working in the ministry, as it aims to enhance their welfare and address certain aspects of their compensation.

In a letter dated 18 May 2023, the Ministry of Justice formally requested Treasury’s “No Objection” for the proposed revisions to the conditions of service for lawyers. Following a thorough review and consideration of the provided information, the Treasury has granted its approval for specific adjustments.

The approved revisions include the revision of the non-practicing allowance, mobile phone airtime, and the introduction of a security allowance. Lawyers in the ministry will now receive a non-practicing allowance of MK500,000.00, mobile phone airtime allowance of MK50,000.00, and a security allowance of MK100,000.00, respectively.

It is important to note that the approved changes will come into effect from October 2023. This timeline allows for the necessary adjustments and allocation of corresponding financial resources in the upcoming mid-year budget review.

The Ministry of Justice expressed their gratitude for the approval and acknowledged the significance of these revisions in improving the welfare and overall working conditions for lawyers within the ministry. The adjustments are expected to have a positive impact on the morale and dedication of the legal professionals and enhance their ability to carry out their duties effectively.

The lawyers’ community in the Ministry of Justice welcomes the Treasury’s decision, viewing it as a recognition of their valuable contributions and dedication to the nation’s legal system. The revised conditions of service are believed to strengthen the ministry’s capacity to deliver justice and uphold the rule of law in Malawi.

As the approved changes take effect, the Ministry of Justice is expected to implement the adjustments promptly and ensure that lawyers are informed of the revised conditions of service. The move is seen as a step forward in empowering legal professionals and fostering a conducive and motivated working environment within the ministry.

The Ministry of Justice, along with lawyers across the country, looks forward to the positive impact of the revised conditions of service and the continued commitment to upholding justice and promoting the rule of law in Malawi.

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