Food Reserve Agency (FRA) Supports Farmers with Over Half a Billion Kwacha Payout During Crop Marketing Season

The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has reported that it has paid out an impressive sum of K595.945.280.00 (Five hundred and ninety-five million, nine hundred and forty-five thousand, two hundred and eighty Kwacha) to farmers who delivered Grade A white maize during this year’s on-going crop marketing season.

As of 25th July 2023, the total quantity of maize purchased by FRA stands at 146,948.50 metric tonnes, which is equivalent to 2,938,970 fifty-kilogram bags of white maize.

The agency expressed satisfaction with the response from farmers, stating that the participation has been encouraging. FRA officials have assured farmers across the country that payments are being made within the shortest possible time, as funds are readily available. Additionally, they have emphasized that the scales used for measurement have been certified by the Zambia Metrology Agency to ensure accurate payments.

Encouraging farmers to continue delivering their crops to the nearest FRA depots, the agency emphasized the importance of maintaining a strategic food reserve at the national level. Farmers are reminded not to sell all their produce, but rather to retain a portion for domestic future consumption. This ensures household food security, which forms the foundation of the nation’s overall food security.

The FRA plays a crucial role in supporting farmers and safeguarding the nation’s food security. By purchasing excess harvest and storing it in the National Strategic Food Reserves, the agency ensures that Zambia remains food secure, even during challenging times.

Farmers are urged to adhere to FRA’s guidance and contribute to the country’s food security by delivering their surplus produce to the nearest FRA depot. With the continued support of farmers, the nation can stand resilient against food shortages and maintain its position as a leader in agricultural productivity in the region.

The FRA remains committed to serving farmers and fostering a thriving agricultural sector, ultimately benefiting all Zambians. As the crop marketing season progresses, the agency continues its efforts to strengthen the agricultural landscape and ensure a prosperous future for the nation.

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