Kagem Mining Celebrates Long-Serving Employees and Reaffirms Commitment to Workforce

Kagem Mining, a world-leading gemstone miner, held a prestigious long service and Labour Day awards ceremony last week to honour and reward its dedicated workforce. The event, hosted at the mine site in Lufwanyama, gathered distinguished government officials, Kagem board members, and employees to celebrate 103 exceptional individuals for their unwavering service and hard work.

Lufwanyama District Commissioner, Justin Mwalikwa, expressed his admiration for Kagem’s pivotal role in the local community, particularly in providing valuable employment opportunities that have driven progress in the district. Mr Mwalikwa praised Kagem’s commitment, emphasizing how it has positively impacted countless lives through job creation and support.

Employing 1,150 dedicated individuals, with 94% of them being locals, Kagem has shown dedication to bolstering the local workforce. The emerald mine has unveiled plans to expand its workforce further, aiming for higher emerald production of 45 million carats. Dr Sixtus Mulenga, Kagem Board Chairperson, highlighted that this growth could only be realized with a motivated and skilled workforce.

Dr Mulenga emphasized Kagem’s belief in creating a conducive working environment for its employees and promoting equal opportunities for all. The company’s commitment extends to nurturing the youth as future leaders and promoting gender equality through initiatives like hiring women as heavy equipment operators.

Appreciating Kagem’s commendable dedication to local employment and equal opportunities, Mr Mwalikwa pledged to continue collaborating with public and private institutions to address employment challenges in Lufwanyama.

Kagem’s Managing Director, CV Suresh, echoed these sentiments, expressing sincere appreciation for the dedicated service of the employees, which has significantly contributed to the company’s remarkable success.

George Mumba, Secretary General of the Mine Workers Union (MUZ), commended the ceremony for recognizing employee dedication and hard work. Mr Mumba encouraged Kagem to maintain a consultative approach when formulating policies affecting the workforce, emphasizing the value of open dialogue.

During the ceremony, cash prizes and assorted household items were presented to the recipients to acknowledge their exceptional service, while long-serving employees were honored with wristwatches.

The event showcased Kagem’s commitment to its employees’ welfare and the broader local community. The company’s progressive approach to employment, gender equality, and talent development has significantly contributed to its prominent standing in the gemstone industry.

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