Proflight Zambia’s Lusaka-Durban Flights Bolster Economic Ties and Cultural Exchange

Proflight Zambia’s newly established direct flights between Lusaka and Durban have been celebrated as a crucial step in strengthening economic ties within the Southern African region. Durban’s Mayor, Thomas Mxolisi Kaunda, highlighted the flights’ significance in promoting trade, tourism, and regional integration during his speech at the 2023 Hollywood Bets Durban July event.

Mayor Kaunda emphasized that the introduction of the flights would provide travellers from both Zambia and South Africa, as well as the Southern African Development Community (SADC), greater access to tourism opportunities and business prospects.

To foster familiarity with the city’s offerings, the Durban Tourism invited a delegation of Zambian travel agencies and media, led by Proflight Zambia’s Customer Service Representative, Petronella Chanda, to experience the city and participate in the renowned Durban July event. Among the attendees were representatives from travel agencies such as Satguru Travel and Tours, Blueberry Travel, and Voyagers Zambia. The visit aimed to enhance their understanding of Durban’s attractions and enable them to tailor better travel packages for their clients interested in visiting the city.

Zambian TV presenter and fashion designer, Natasha Vandermaas, and Peter Mwansa, also joined the event for the first time, donning locally-inspired attire and adding a vibrant touch to the festivities. Peter expressed his excitement about the experience, saying, “I am so mesmerized by the whole experience, and it has given me a different perception of how we can make our events a lot better.” Natasha, dressed as Tinkerbell, a butterfly, beamed with enthusiasm, remarking, “Being here, you totally sense that the event is bigger, and we hope our events back home can emulate this.”

The Hollywood Bets Durban July is not just a grand social occasion but also an economic event that significantly boosts the tourism sector. Industries like hospitality, fashion, textiles, transportation, and entertainment reap the benefits of this iconic sporting and social extravaganza. By inviting countries from the SADC and beyond, Durban aims to foster strong economic ties and establish itself as a warm and vibrant city in South Africa. The event’s positive economic impact is evident in the growing number of visitors to Durban, contributing to the city’s resurgence and flourishing economy.

Mayor Kaunda proudly shared that out of the city’s 23 beaches, 19 are fully operational, with all expected to be so by the end of the year. This commitment to creating a welcoming environment for visitors underscores Durban’s dedication to being a premier tourist destination.

The strategic direct flights initiated by Proflight Zambia, combined with the allure of the Durban July event and an array of activities, have invigorated Durban’s economy, tourism sector, and cultural vibrancy. Mayor Thomas Mxolisi Kaunda’s vision and commitment to promoting Durban as a warm and welcoming destination have resulted in increased visitor numbers and enhanced economic ties within the Southern African region. With a plethora of experiences awaiting visitors, Durban continues to solidify its position as an economic and tourist powerhouse.

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