European Union Election Observation Mission Commences Assessment of Zimbabwe’s Harmonized Elections

The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to the 2023 Harmonized Elections in Zimbabwe has officially begun its work after receiving a formal invitation from the Zimbabwean Government.

Headed by EU EOM Chief Observer Mr. Fabio Massimo Castaldo, a Member of the European Parliament, the mission aims to support transparent and genuine elections in Zimbabwe. Mr. Castaldo emphasized the commitment of both Zimbabwe and the EU to achieving common goals through the observation process, which will be conducted without any interference from the EU side.

The EU EOM’s mandate is to carry out an independent, impartial, and comprehensive analysis of the entire electoral process before, during, and after the election day. The mission will assess the adherence of the electoral process to Zimbabwe’s national law, as well as international and regional standards for democratic elections. Key areas of focus will include the level playing field for candidates and parties, the electoral administration, campaign environment, conduct of traditional and social media, voting procedures, counting, and the tabulation of results. The EU EOM will remain in Zimbabwe beyond the election day to observe the post-electoral environment.

A core team of 11 analysts arrived in Zimbabwe on July 8, 2023, to kickstart the observation process. They will be joined by 46 long-term observers and 44 short-term observers. On the election day, the mission will be reinforced by locally recruited short-term observers from embassies, along with a delegation from the European Parliament. The EU EOM will consist of over 150 observers from EU member states, as well as Canada, Norway, and Switzerland, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of the electoral process.

The presence of the EU EOM demonstrates the commitment to free and fair elections in Zimbabwe and underscores the importance of transparency and credibility in the democratic process.

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