High Court Bars Saviour Kasukuwere from Zimbabwe’s Presidential Election

In a recent ruling, the High Court of Zimbabwe has barred Saviour Kasukuwere, an independent presidential candidate and former cabinet minister, from participating in the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for August 23. The decision was made after Lovedale Mangwana, a Zanu-PF activist, filed an urgent court application challenging Kasukuwere’s nomination and requesting his disqualification on the grounds of not meeting the residency requirement.

High Court Judge David Mangota delivered the judgment on Wednesday, ordering the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to exclude Kasukuwere’s name from the ballot papers. The ruling follows the argument that Kasukuwere, who has been residing outside Zimbabwe for over 18 months, does not meet the criteria of being an ordinarily resident in the country.

Kasukuwere, a former cabinet minister under the administration of former President Robert Mugabe, had announced his candidacy as an independent candidate, aiming to challenge the dominance of the ruling Zanu-PF party. His exclusion from the presidential race will undoubtedly impact the dynamics of the upcoming elections.

The ruling serves as a reminder of the strict regulations and requirements that candidates must meet to participate in Zimbabwe’s electoral process. The decision also highlights the importance of upholding the rule of law and ensuring that candidates meet the necessary criteria to maintain the integrity of the election.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is expected to abide by the court’s ruling and take the necessary steps to remove Kasukuwere’s name from the list of eligible candidates. The decision is likely to be closely observed by both political observers and the general public as the country prepares for the upcoming presidential election.

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