Good Nature Agro transforms Zambian agriculture, empowering thousands of small-scale farmers

Good Nature Agro, positions itself at the forefront of transforming Zambia’s agricultural landscape by working with rural small-scale farmers supplying them with high-quality and high-value legume seeds such as of beans, cowpeas, soybeans, groundnuts, and other commodities.

Founded in 2014 by three visionary friends, the company has carved itself a unique space in the Zambian agricultural industry, specializing in moving small-scale farmers from poverty and into the middle-class through the production of legume seeds and commodities.

Embodying sustainable change by providing farmers with technical and financial assistance, lucrative and reliable markets for all the crops they grow. The company managed to co-create an easy and innovative model that answers every small-scale farmer’s most pressing questions.

Sunday Silungwe, co-founder and Director of Communications at Good Nature Agro, growing up immersed in the world of agriculture, highlights his own childhood experiences as a strong influence for the company’s core mission.

Mr Silungwe recalled saying “One of the things that baffled me growing up was that a lot of food, seeds and crops that were being supplied across the country contributed to our national food security. However, the farmers who worked tirelessly to produce these crops were barely compensated enough to make do.”

Motivated to address the challenges facing small-scale farmers, Good Nature Agro embarked on their journey choosing to work with village farmers as they were passionate about agriculture but lacked update extension and training, access to inputs and reliable markets. “We realised we could make a difference in their lives by providing the training and support they needed,” explained Mr Silungwe.

Over the past nine years, Good Nature Agro has become a symbol of transformative agriculture, impacting over 30,000 farmers nationwide. The legume seed business’ success stems from their deep understanding of farmers’ challenges and its commitment to addressing them.

“To work with small-scale farmers, you have to respect the livelihood and understand their problems. Some of these include little to no access to finances, low standards for their produce, and lack of lucrative markets for produce,” Mr Silungwe explained.

Continuing on its transformative journey following its participation in Anglo American’s Impact Finance Network, Good Nature Agro has gained access to the resources and expertise necessary for their long-term sustainability. The company’s vision now extends beyond their immediate market, aiming to transform small-scale farmers into essential contributors to the entire agricultural value chain in Zambia.

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