Warning Issued Against Participating in Fake Empowerment Scheme

Lusaka, Zambia- The Ministry of Finance and National Planning has issued a warning regarding a fraudulent online empowerment scheme that is deceiving citizens into applying for financing grants. The scheme falsely claims to be associated with the ministry and has been circulating on various online platforms.

The ministry categorically stated that the empowerment scheme is not part of the official budget and is completely fake. It urged citizens to disregard any information or requests related to the scheme. Those who choose to participate despite the warning risk losing funds and exposing themselves to fraud.

Finance and National Planning Minister Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane expressed concern over the increasing prevalence of fraudulent money schemes that impersonate public sector institutions and officials. To address this issue, he announced that the ministry would be working closely with the Zambia Police Service, the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), and other relevant authorities to identify and apprehend the perpetrators. Once caught, the offenders will be presented to court to face the harshest possible punishment.

The minister also emphasized the importance of citizen engagement in combating such scams. In the coming days, the ministry will provide guidance on how to identify fraudulent schemes and report fraudsters effectively. It advised administrators of online platforms to verify information with the government before publishing any content related to public money matters. Furthermore, citizens were urged to take personal responsibility for protecting their personal information from online scammers.

In light of this warning, the Ministry of Finance and National Planning calls on all citizens to exercise caution and remain vigilant against fraudulent schemes. By staying informed and reporting any suspicious activities, citizens can contribute to the prevention of cybercrime and the protection of their own financial well-being.

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