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Mondelez, the company behind Cadbury launches – Give a Generous Voice to Story Time Campaign

Generous members of the public are being invited to help families through a new campaign to revive the lost art of children’s storytelling.
The “Give a Generous Voice to Story Time” campaign launched by Mondelez, the company behind Cadbury drinking chocolate, is celebrating the African spirit of generosity.
Celebrity personalities and influencers Lulu Haangala Wood, Mukushi Accents’ Daniel Lyapa and Kapembwa Wanjelani, and Kamiza Chikula will be adding a Zambian voice to the campaign which will see 850 individuals in Zambia, Kenya and Mauritius lend their voice to record a collection of eighty-five African themed children’s books that will foster the joy and culture of bedtime storytelling.
Presently, one out of every three parents in Africa feel that they do not spend enough time reading bedtime stories to their children. The Voice Generosity campaign was launched this June. Statistics from sleep therapists show that bedtime storytelling is a wonderful way to help children experience high quality sleep.
Lunar Odawa, a psychologist based in Kenya who works with children notes that reading stories to children helps sharpen their memory, improve their reading skill, and school grades, and promote social and emotional skills. With the rising rate of consumption of social media content and digital media, bedtime stories have the potential to provide Africa’s next generation with a break from their screens and with the much-needed opportunity to enjoy their culture.
Speaking about the campaign Langa Khanyile – Marketing Lead, Rest of Africa Mondelez – called on individuals of all ages to give a generous voice to story time. “With various voices from Africa, more children can now connect and bond with their parents during story time. Let’s all celebrate our culture, roots and tales with the glass and a half spirit of generosity.”
Many people in Africa grew up hearing bedtime stories from parents and grandparents, and bedtime was, perhaps, the best part of the day. However, the celebration and promotion of African culture has declined significantly over the years. Therefore, the audio recorded bedtime stories will not only entertain the children but will also enlighten their minds. By featuring stories steeped in African folklore, history and vibrant characters, this unique collection of audio books will tickle the children and inspire their imagination.
To be a part of the campaign and to record a book of their choice, individuals can visit the Cadbury Library, select a book, and make a recording using their device.

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