Castrol Introduces Revolutionary Engine Oil to Enhance Driving Experience for Zambian Motorists

Lusaka, Zambia – Castrol, a global leader in automotive lubricants, is set to launch a groundbreaking engine oil in Zambia this week, offering Zambian motorists an innovative solution to combat the effects of traffic congestion on engine performance. The new product, Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology, is poised to transform the driving experience by providing continuous protection from the moment the engine starts.

As traffic congestion increases, cars face frequent stops and starts, resulting in additional wear and tear on engines. Recognizing this challenge, Castrol has combined cutting-edge engineering with advanced chemistry to develop Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology, which offers exceptional protection for modern engines.

With over 120 years of expertise in the automotive industry, Castrol has established itself as a leading provider of protective lubricants. Manufactured in South Africa, their latest innovation utilizes a unique formulation that forms a formidable protective layer upon contact with critical engine parts. This layer acts as a forcefield, safeguarding against wear and tear even under the most demanding driving conditions.

Jennifer Heyes, Castrol Marketing Director for Africa, highlighted the significance of Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology, stating, “This engine lubricant sets a new standard by ensuring continuous protection for your vehicle’s engine from the moment you start your car. It is the result of extensive research and development, reinforcing Castrol’s commitment to innovation and delivering performance to motorists worldwide.”

At the heart of Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology lies a blend of intelligent molecules that lock together to form a resilient protective layer on engine surfaces. This layer adheres to and shields critical engine parts, even during periods of engine inactivity. The product’s innovative technology significantly reduces engine wear and tear, particularly during the critical startup phase, potentially reducing it by up to 50%.

Castrol designed MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology with today’s congested traffic conditions in mind, where drivers can experience up to 18,000 stops and starts per year, spending a significant portion of their journey idling. These conditions place up to 66% more load on critical engine parts compared to open road driving. Regardless of whether motorists are navigating the city or traveling on the highway, Castrol MAGNATEC actively responds to temperature variations, providing comprehensive protection under all driving conditions.

To commemorate 20 years of excellence, Castrol introduces MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology as a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding engine protection, efficiency, and performance. This milestone reinforces Castrol’s position as a trusted partner for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike, further solidifying their reputation as an industry leader.

Heyes concludes, “Castrol has consistently set the standard, earning the trust and recommendation of mechanics in the industry. Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology embodies the brand’s pioneering spirit, combining cutting-edge innovation with a sleek design. The ‘Can of the Best’ campaign further cements Castrol as the leading partner for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike.”

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