Accelerates the transformation of innovation potential into industry development momentum

[Shanghai, China, 1st July 2023-Huawei Global Carrier Marketing and Solution Sales President, Liu Kang has commended mobile operators for being leaders and enablers of digital transformation. Speaking during the on-going Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Shanghai, China, Liu pointed out that operators have not only continuously optimized and accumulated their own innovation capabilities during digital transformation, but also enabled digital upgrade in thousands of industries, which has accumulated huge innovation potential.

Mr. Liu Kang also noted that huge innovation momentum has already been build for carriers to enable Digital Transformation.

“First, for consumers, operators have changed from providing simple voice services to providing ubiquitous gigabit and implementing intelligent interaction. Leading-edge network infrastructure is the foundation for the emergence of consumer digital business services” he said

Liu explained that Huawei is fully aware that industry, enterprise are moving towards digital production from office digitalization to marketing and customer service digitalization, adding that a new wave of digital Transformation is converting innovation into real growth.

“To cope with the new wave of digital intelligence, Huawei believes that we should work with carriers to build three new capabilities of digital transformation. The first is the infrastructure layer, which transforms ICT collaboration into the ability to elastic integrate strategic resources. One of the most intuitive manifestations is that connections are moving from 100 Mbit/s uplink, Gbit/s downlink, and cloud native capabilities to new connections with typical characteristics such as Gbit/s uplink, 10 Gbit/s downlink, and endogenous intelligence. On this basis, the combination of network + computing, the requirements of cloud-network synergy, cloud-edge collaboration, and cloud-device synergy are emerging. ” Liu Kang said.

Facing the future, Liu Kang said: “A new wave of intelligent digital era is coming. Huawei will continue to work with the industry to continuously promote digital transformation and accelerate the transformation of innovation potential into industry development momentum.”

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