5G transformation to drive new value creation

  • The fact that Botswana is leading the way in 5G smart mining demonstrates that commercial 5G deployment in Zambia’s expansive mining activities is equally feasible” Bette Chen-Huawei Managing Director for Zambia Country Office.

5G, Cloud and artificial intelligence solutions have continued to headline global tech events. At today’s opening day of Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2023, Sabrina Meng, Huawei’s Rotating Chairwoman and Chief Financial Officer pointed out that 5G is driving new value creation and steadily paving way for 5.5G.

In her keynote address titled “Embracing 5G transformation”, Meng explained that 5G has been in commercial use around the world for four years now, adding that Science and technology are moving towards large, complex systems, that require matching technology to specific scenarios and performing systems engineering.

Speaking on the sidelines of MWC, Huawei Managing Director for Zambia Country Office, Bette Chen revealed that 5G is being widely deployed across all industries and countless households around the world, thereby changing the way people work and live, creating tremendous economic, industrial, and social value.

“For consumers, 5G, cloud, and AI have set off a chain reaction, new forms of business are emerging in great quantities, and a multiplier effect is readily clear. For industries, to become a driver of productivity, 5G has to become a component of production systems. That’s the only way for 5G to see large-scale industrial application. Strategic patience, in-depth understanding of industrial scenarios, and ongoing improvements to ROI have given 5G a foothold in industrial applications” Ms. Chen explained.

The Managing Director said Huawei is determined to replicate best practices in 5G deployment in Zambia, adding that it will give rise to new devices and applications that deliver a more immersive experience, that may help the country accelerate its social and economic development.

“Botswana has smart mining powered by 5G and they have moved a little way faster in terms of deployment on a large scale. Commercial deployment of 5G has created a growing appetite for more groundbreaking, leapfrog innovation and that is what for wish for for Zambia and that is something that is feasible” Ms. Chen said.

Ms. Chen predicts that commercial deployment for 5G especially for a country like Zambia will also create incredible new business opportunities with more targeted support for industrial needs in domains like IoT, sensing, and advanced manufacturing.

She called on the industry to work more closely together both up and down the value chain – with peers and partners, customers and developers throughout the entire product lifecycle, from R&D and procurement, to supply and marketing.

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MWC Shanghai 2023 runs from June 28 to June 30 in Shanghai, China. Huawei will showcase its products and solutions at stands E10 and E50 in Hall N1 of Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). Together with global operators, industry professionals, and opinion leaders, we dive into topics such as speeding up 5G prosperity, striding towards the 5.5G era, and intelligent digital transformation. 5.5G creates new business value in areas like connecting people, Internet of Things (IoT), and Internet of Vehicles (IoV), supporting countless industries as they move towards an intelligent world.

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